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Reduced-Cost, Ambient Desorption Optical Emission Spectroscopy for Performing Elemental Analysis (2016-018)
This analytical instrument uses ambient desorption optical emission spectroscopy (AD-OES) to perform elemental analysis on samples as diverse as metallic thin films, solution residues, powders, and bulk metals – directly from the solid state. Ambient desorption refers to the capability to analyze substances in their native state, and the abil...
Published: 8/16/2016   |   Inventor(s): Richard Kenneth Marcus, Htoo Paing, Xinyan Zhang
Keywords(s): Agriculture, Analytical/Instrumentation/Sensors-Non-Medical/NonBiological, Coatings, Manufacturing, Optical Fibers/Materials/Other
Category(s): Advanced Materials
Method for Bonding Metal Injection Molded Parts to Conventional Substrate Using Controlled Surface Microstructure
This technology features a novel Metal Injection Molded (MIM) manufacturing method which allows for the formation of intricate device geometries and attachment of dissimiar materials. By applying a controlled, deformable microstructure to the MIM part, the MIM part is given the ability to shrink while bonding to the substrate. This bonding method...
Published: 11/5/2010   |   Inventor(s): Laine Mears, Thomas Martens
Keywords(s): Automotive, Manufacturing, Medical Device
Category(s): Advanced Materials
Signal Transduction Biology Based Marine Antifouling Coating
This technology features a novel method of deterring biofouling of a surface, the undesirable accumulation of micro-organism, plants, algae and animals on submerged structures or other structures exposed to water or damp environments. Current anti-fouling coatings that have biocidal effects are copper based and there is concern that leached copper ...
Published: 12/11/2009   |   Inventor(s): Andrew Mount, Neeraj Gohad, Andrew Metters, Nihar Shah
Keywords(s): Manufacturing
Category(s): Biotechnology
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