Signal Transduction Biology Based Marine Antifouling Coating

Market Overview:

This technology features a novel method of deterring biofouling of a surface, the undesirable accumulation of micro-organism, plants, algae and animals on submerged structures or other structures exposed to water or damp environments. Current anti-fouling coatings that have biocidal effects are copper based and there is concern that leached copper is detrimental to the marine environment. This technology features a treatment with noradrenalin (NA) which only disrupts larval settlement and does not harm the organism's growth or survival. Attaching themselves to surfaces, organisms not only impede water flow across the surface hampering performance, but can also cause deterioration of the surface itself. It is highly undesirable for organisms to become established or spread on any of these surfaces. Slime layers frequently form, and these can lead to unsafe, unhealthy or unaesthetic conditions. The compositions and methods of this technology are readily applied to a variety of surfaces and, without limiting the methods and compositions, function more by preventing adhesion of an organism to a surface rather than by acute toxic activity, rendering these compositions more environmentally acceptable.


· Ship hulls, surfaces of docks, the inside of pipes in circulating or pass-through water systems, aqua culture environment and oil/gas off-shore installations, pipelines, power plant water intake systems, heat exchangers, grids, fish nets, cages, etc. 

· Walls exposed to rain water, shower walls, roofs, gutters, pool areas, saunas, floors and walls exposed to damp environments such as basements or garages, and even the housing of tools and outdoor furniture


· Readily applied to a variety of surfaces 

· Functions by preventing adhesion of an organism to a surface rather than by acute toxic activity, therefore, more environmentally acceptable \


Inventors:                        A. Mount, N. Gohad, A.T. Metters, N. Shah

Protection Status:           Patent application filed

Licensing Status:            Available for licensing

Additional Terms:          Antifouling, Biofouling, Coatings, Paint, Catcholamines, Noradrenaline, Noreephinephrine, Polymers

CURF Ref No:                08-017


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