Method for Bonding Metal Injection Molded Parts to Conventional Substrate Using Controlled Surface Microstructure

Market Overview:

This technology features a novel Metal Injection Molded (MIM) manufacturing method which allows for the formation of intricate device geometries and attachment of dissimiar materials.  By applying a controlled, deformable microstructure to the MIM part, the MIM part is given the ability to shrink while bonding to the substrate.  This bonding method features a reduced suseptibility to cracking, improved bond shear strength over comparable methods, and feasible integration into current manufacturing practices.


· Automotive parts

· Biomedical Surgical Tools


· Competitive bonding strength similar to resistance welding

· Flexibility of materials

· Conventional manufacturing techniques and equipment


Inventors:                      L. Mears, T. Martens

Protection Status:         Patent application filed

Licensing Status:          Available for licensing

Additional Terms:        Fabrication, Manufacturing, Injection Molding

CURF Ref No:              2010-074


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Patent Information:
Advanced Materials
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Andy Bluvas
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