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Capillary-Channeled Polymer Fibers for Isolating Exosomes
This capillary-channeled polymer (C-CP) fiber technology is a cost efficient and highly selective method to isolate exosomes facilitating widespread use of these cellular fragments for biomarker research, medical diagnostics, and targeted delivery of therapeutics. Exosomes are lipid membrane-derived vesicles secreted by most types of cells, which h...
Published: 7/1/2019   |   Inventor(s): Richard Kenneth Marcus, Terri Bruce, Lei Wang, Sisi Huang, Tyler Slonecki, Rhonda Powell
Keywords(s): Analytical/Diagnostics/Instru./Sensors-Medical/Biological, Bioprocessing/Biotechnology, Drugs/Pharma - Drug Delivery
Category(s): Advanced Materials, Biomedical Sciences
3D microtissues to model infarction injury and methods preparing and using the same
Market OverviewThese cardiac microtissues mimic the presentation of infarct injuries in individuals with cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack or stroke, allowing for a model to study pathogenesis and drug development for injuries caused by cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the leading global cause of death, accounting for mo...
Published: 5/22/2019   |   Inventor(s): Dylan Richards, Ying Mei
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Improved Fixation Method for Bioprosthetic Heart Valves
Bioprosthetic heart valves (BHVs) are used clinically to replace defective or diseased heart valves, but a majority of these valves fail within a few years due to calcification and degeneration. Currently used methods of fixation, such as glutaraldehyde crosslinking, are not adequate to fix all extracellular matrix components, especially glycosamin...
Published: 5/2/2019   |   Inventor(s): Narendra Vyavahare, Devanathan Raghavan
Keywords(s): Biomaterials - Cardiovascular, Medical Device
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Multi-Needle Roller for Cell Seeding
Seeding cells within scaffolds or tissues hold great potential for regenerative medicine projects. Until now, cells have been either placed on top of scaffolds, creating multiple layers of superficial cells, or injected manually with a syringe inside the tissues, generating large boluses of cells. None of these approaches generated the homogenous, ...
Published: 1/7/2019   |   Inventor(s): Dan Simionescu, Benjamin Fisher, Harrison Smallwood
Keywords(s): Bioprocessing/Biotechnology, Medical Device, Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
New Material for Transcatheter Bioprosthetic Heart Valves
This technology features a biomaterial useful for bioprostheses, such as bioprosthetic heart valves (BHVs), in which the fixed tissue has improved elastic properties. The high elastin-containing biomaterial is further characterized by having anisotropic properties wherein the biological material has a greater stiffness in one direction and a greate...
Published: 12/31/2018   |   Inventor(s): Narendra Vyavahare, Dan Simionescu
Keywords(s): Biomaterials - Cardiovascular, Medical Device
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Multilayered Osteochondral Implant for Enhanced Bone Healing
This novel off-the-shelf osteochondral implant exhibits a highly similar microarchitecture to that of native bone and cartilage, allowing better integration and mechanical support to the damaged tissue after implantation. Approximately 2,000,000 surgical procedures were performed to repair chondral defects in the United States between 2004-2011, wi...
Published: 9/19/2018   |   Inventor(s): Alan Marionneaux, Jeremy Mercuri, Joshua Walters
Keywords(s): Biomaterials - Orthopaedic, Orthopaedics-Biologics/Tissue Engr/Regen Medicine, Regenerative Medicine
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Smart Orthopedic Screws for Imaging through Tissue (2012-018)
These smart orthopedic screws allow physicians to noninvasively detect and monitor the health of bone implants, potentially preventing infection and implant loosening over time. In the United States, musculoskeletal injuries affect over 28 million patients annually – at least two million of which require fracture fixation surgery. These surge...
Published: 8/21/2018   |   Inventor(s): Jeffrey Anker, Jonathan Heath, Dakota Anderson, Melissa Rogalski
Keywords(s): Bioinstrumentation, Biomaterials - Orthopaedic, Medical Device, Orthopaedics - Orthotics/Prosthetics/Hardware/Other
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Durable Polymeric Antimicrobial Coating for Orthopedics (2017-059)
External fixation is a well-established orthopedic practice in which fractured bones or fusion sites are immobilized for healing by placing wires and/or pins into the bone on either side. Unfortunately, both superficial and deep tissue infections are prevalent with the use of external fixators, particularly Staphylococcal infections. The economic b...
Published: 2/8/2018   |   Inventor(s): Alexey Vertegel, Igor Luzinov, Christopher Gross, Dmitry Gil, Nikolay Borodinov
Keywords(s): Biomaterials - Orthopaedic, Coatings, Medical Device, Orthopaedics - Orthotics/Prosthetics/Hardware/Other
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Enhanced Color Sensitivity for Colorimetric-based Chemical Analysis (2017-055)
This novel technology for colorimetric chemical analysis significantly enhances color change intensity and uniformity upon exposure to a target substance when compared to conventional color-indicating substrates. This technology thus has application to any colorimetric-based chemical assay, such as urinalysis. The global urinalysis market was estim...
Published: 1/16/2018   |   Inventor(s): Robert Latour, George Chumanov, Alexandra Cholewczynski
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology
Nano EDL Capacitor Based Biosensors
This technology features the development and application of a nanoscale electrical double layer (EDL) capacitor based biosensor. It takes advantage of the fact that the capacitance of an EDL device varies very sensitively with the charge and dielectric conditions of the nearby space spanning from the electrode surface to a few nanometers out to dev...
Published: 8/4/2017   |   Inventor(s): Guigen Zhang
Keywords(s): Analytical/Diagnostics/Instru./Sensors-Medical/Biological, Bioinstrumentation
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
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