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Radio-Opaque Biodegradable Polymers for Deep Tissue Imaging using X-ray
X-ray Imaging for Non-Invasive Monitoring of Polymer Degradation and IntegrityMarket OverviewThese biodegradable polymers composed of FDA approved materials can be used to non-invasively image polymeric implants, coatings, and nanoparticles to measure degradation and defects, thereby preventing possible implant failure and increasing patient health...
Published: 5/26/2016   |   Inventor(s): Brooke Van Horne, Frank Alexis, Daniel Whitehead
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Biologic Hydrogel Material for Combatting Intervertebral Disc Degeneration
Provides Early-Stage Intervention for Intervertebral Disc Degeneration via a Biomimetic Nucleus Pulposus ScaffoldMarket OverviewThis hydrogel scaffold can be used as an early-stage intervention for combatting intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration (IDD). Lower back pain is a significant burden that affects nearly 85 percent of all people, 40 percen...
Published: 5/25/2016   |   Inventor(s): Christopher Fernandez, Jeremy Mercuri
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Collagen Patch to Repair Intervertebral Disc Herniation and Degeneration
Helps Restore IVD Function and Alleviate Pain in Patients, Minimizing Healthcare Expenditures Associated with Re-operation and Spinal Fusion SurgeriesMarket OverviewThis collagen-based patch is a multi-laminate, ply-angle-ply sheet-based reinforcement used to biologically augment and facilitate repair of the annulus fibrosus (AF) of the interverteb...
Published: 5/24/2016   |   Inventor(s): Rachel McGuire, Ryan Borem, Jeremy Mercuri
Category(s): Advanced Materials, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology
Shape-Memory Sponge Hydrogel for Tissue Engineering Applications
Resilient and Hydrophilic Biomaterial with Shape-Memory Sponge Characteristics for Tissue Replacement Market OverviewThis hydrogel composite is composed of elastin, glycosaminoglycan and collagen (EGC) that exhibits unique shape-memory sponge characteristics . This EGC hydrogel has broad applications in tissue engineering and biomaterials, specifi...
Published: 5/18/2016   |   Inventor(s): Dan Simionescu, Jeremy Mercuri
Keywords(s): Biomaterials, Medical Device, Regenerative Medicine, Stem-Cell Engineering, Tissue Engineering
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Smart Orthopedic Screws for Imaging through Tissue
Allows Non-Invasive Monitoring of Implants via X-Ray Excitable Materials Incorporated into the ScrewsIntroductionThese smart orthopedic screws allow physicians to noninvasively detect and monitor the health of bone implants, potentially preventing infection and implant loosening over time. In the United States, musculoskeletal injuries affect over ...
Published: 5/11/2016   |   Inventor(s): Jeffrey Anker, Jonathan Heath, Dakota Anderson, Melissa Rogalski
Keywords(s): Biomaterials, Medical Device, Bioinstrumentation, Orthopaedic Mechanics
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Improved Differentiation of Stem Cells into Cardiac Muscle Cells for Cardiac Tissue Repair
Electrically Conductive Nanomaterials Condition Immature Stem or Progenitor Cells to Produce Functional, Mature Cardiomyocytes Market OverviewThis approach advances the maturation of stem cells or progenitor cells, cells that differentiate like stem cells, to produce functional, biocompatible cardiomyocytes for the repair of damaged cardiac tissue....
Published: 5/11/2016   |   Inventor(s): Ying Mei, Yu Tan, Dylan Richards, Donald Menick, Bozhi Tian
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Self-Regenerating Antioxidant Catalysts for Protection of Artificial Implants against Foreign Body Reaction
On an annual basis, medical device companies generate over $200 billion in revenue globally. In the U.S. alone, these companies generated over $85 billion a year in revenues. A large portion of this revenue is derived from sales of devices that are implanted in the human body.1 There is growing demand for advanced coatings to control the interactio...
Published: 4/20/2015   |   Inventor(s): Andrew Tennyson, Yamin Htet, Anshuman Mangalum
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
3D Printed Variable Hardness Foot Orthotics
In 2012, 29.1 million Americans, or 9.3% of the population, had diabetes[1]. At any given moment, between 4-10% of diabetics have a diabetic foot ulcer. Over a lifetime of diabetes, more than 25% of diabetic patients will have a diabetic foot ulcer. In 3-5% of cases, the ulcer will become serious enough that an amputation is required to save a lim...
Published: 4/20/2015   |   Inventor(s): John DesJardins, Scott Stanley, Breanne Przestrzelski, Brian Kaluf, Timothy Pruett, Steven Hoeffner
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Protein Jet Printing onto Solid Substrata
Ink-Jet Printing of Viable Cells This patented technology describes the utilization of ink-jet printing of living cells (eukaryotic, prokaryotic, cell aggregates, etc.) for the creation of 2-dimnsional or layered 3-dimension arrays of cells and supporting polymeric material. These printed arrays can be used for study of cell interaction, for t...
Published: 1/8/2015   |   Inventor(s): Thomas Boland, Tao Xu, William Wilson
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
Nano EDL Capacitor Based Biosensors
This technology features the development and application of a nanoscale electrical double layer (EDL) capacitor based biosensor. It takes advantage of the fact that the capacitance of an EDL device varies very sensitively with the charge and dielectric conditions of the nearby space spanning from the electrode surface to a few nanometers out to dev...
Published: 8/19/2014   |   Inventor(s): Guigen Zhang
Keywords(s): Analytical Tools / Instrumentation, Diagnostics / Sensors, Bioinstrumentation
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences
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