Surface Treatment of Polymeric and Inorganic Surfaces

Market Overview:

Current surface modification technologies do not provide a universal technique that works on all surfaces. This patented technology features an efficient method for permanent surface modification of polymeric and inorganic material and devices using the concept of a “loops” and “tails” configuration of the primary reactive polymer layer. This epoxy-based coating method provides a universal approach to effective covalent attachment of bio-molecules and low molecular weight polymeric substances to alter a variety of material properties such as biocompatibility, wettability, adhesion, lubrication, and selectivity. These modifications can be made on a variety of substrates and has successfully modified surfaces ranging from glass and gold to ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.


· Textiles

· Polymeric Substrates

· Metal Surfaces


· Allows surface modification of both polymeric and inorganic materials


Inventors:                        Igor Luzinov, et al

Protection Status:           Patents issued; # 7,026,014 and # 7,261,938

Licensing Status:            Available for licensing

CURF Ref No:                03-006


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