Protein Jet Printing onto Solid Substrata

Market Overview:

Ink-Jet Printing of Viable Cells

This patented technology describes the utilization of ink-jet printing of living cells (eukaryotic, prokaryotic, cell aggregates, etc.) for the creation of 2-dimnsional or layered 3-dimension arrays of cells and supporting polymeric material. These printed arrays can be used for study of cell interaction, for the screening of drugs or materials, or for the automated ex-vivo creation of viable tissues and organs.  

Issued patent 7,051,654 is a broad patent fundamental to the emerging field of biofabrication.  

o    Patented claims include multiple ink-jet mechanisms (piezo electric, acoustic, thermal)

o    Patented claims include eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell types and combinations

o    Patented claims include printing of single cells or cell aggregates

o    Patented claims include printing cells within or onto supporting substrate including crosslinkble gels (i.e. collagen, agar, hydrogel polymers and combinations).


  • Biofabrication [i.e. the ex vivo construction of viable tissue or organs for study or for therapeutic applications]
  • Rapid and automated creation of cellular arrays for high throughput screening
  • Bioprinter products
  • Study of cell to cell interactions


·         Broad patented technology fundamental to the emerging field of biofabrication  

·         Flexible technology that can enable many applications.  

Protection Status: Issued US Utility Patent   #7,051,654

Licensing Status:  This technology is available for licensing.

Additional Terms: Tissue Engineering, three dimensional, biofabrication, array, high-throughput screening

CURF ID: 01-025

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Biomedical Sciences
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