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Scrybe: Blockchain Ledger for Clinical Trials
Scrybe utilizes Lightweight Mining (LWM) which allows the algorithm to depart from the resource-intensive and time-consuming verification approaches that cryptocurrencies use when expanding the blockchain. The clinical trials market size is expected to reach 68.9 billion by 2026, growing with a CAGR of 5.7%. Digitization is rapidly being adapted...
Published: 8/20/2019   |   Inventor(s): Tony Skjellum, Lu Yu
Keywords(s): Computer Software, Cyber-Security/Security Systems
Category(s): Information and Communication Technology
Spatial Image Digitizer to Improve Agricultural GIS
This spatial image digitizer (SID) provides not only normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data with true color imagery but can also indicate soil texture variability. From 2017 to 2018 there is a forecasted nearly twelve percent drop in farming net income in the U.S., making 2018 forecasted to have the lowest net income in over eight years....
Published: 9/26/2018   |   Inventor(s): Kendall Kirk
Keywords(s): Agriculture, Computer Software
Category(s): Agriculture, Sustainable Environment
A Signal Processing Method To Assess Dynamic System Similarity
This technology features a robust technique to detect dynamic similarity of two systems based on the statistical properties of their signals. The invention assesses the entire autocorrelation structure of a test and a reference signal series. This is achieved in three steps 1) the test and reference signals are subjected to similar pre-processing to...
Published: 2/22/2011   |   Inventor(s): John Wagner, Hany Bassily, Robert Lund
Keywords(s): Analytical/Instrumentation/Sensors-Non-Medical/NonBiological, Automotive, Computer Software, Electronics Parts/Manufacturing
Category(s): Automotive
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