Impedance-Based Arc-Flash Determination Device (IADD)

Market Overview:

This technology features a device and method that can accurately and correctly predict the expected bolted current at the test location of interest, which enables calculation of incident energy and the assignment of a flash-hazard risk category. This technology measure the "quality of power" through an Impedance-based ArcFault Determination Device (IADD) and method that, when attached to an electrical node on the power system and through observations on voltage, current and phase shift with a step load change, determine the effective Thevenin equivalent circuit or Norton equivalent circuit at the point of test.


· Accurately and correctly predict the expected bolted current at test location of interest

· Determining arc fault and preventing injuries due to arc flash, whose exposure may result in server burns to the skin, and in some cases, death


· Meets OSHA regulations

· Prevents arc fault elated injuries

· It has Graphical User Interface (GUI)

· Easy method to calculate fault current

· Technology can be portable or fixed


Inventors:                        Edward Collins

Protection Status:           Patent issued; # 7,598,751

Licensing Status:            Available for licensing

CURF Ref No:                06-055


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