In the Injection Well Saturation of Carbon Dioxide in Water for Geologic Storage

Market Overview:

This technology features an apparatus and a process for the capture and storage of carbon dioxide gases in subsurface aquifers. These novel injection well components and well design promote rapid dissolving of carbon dioxide into water derived from distant extraction well fields. Carbon dioxide has a high solubility in water, and at higher hydrostatic pressure the solubility is increased to a maximum at depths of around 2000 feet below the aquifer surface. Water becomes more dense with higher dissolved carbon dioxide. Greater density makes the water negatively buoyant and a competent cap lock/seal is not needed to contain it. The dense carbon dioxide saturated water sinks and does not represent a future threat.


· Ideal for the long-term geological storage of carbon dioxide gases in a variety of aquifers and reservoirs

· Does not require a cap lock/seal, geologic trap or use of supercritical carbon dioxide pressures


Inventors:                      Ronald Falta

Protection Status:         Patent application filed

Licensing Status:          Available for licensing

Additional Terms:        Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Dioxide Storage

CURF Ref No:              09-027


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