Hydrothermal Growth of Single Crystals for UV Solid State Lasers (2017-002)

Market Overview:

This crystal growth approach utilizes a hydrothermal process to produce single crystals for use in ultraviolet (UV) solid state lasers. The global market for industrial lasers is projected to grow from $4.6 billion in 2015 to $6.3 billion in 2020, reflecting a significant and growing commercial interest. Existing crystals for UV solid state lasers consistently perform poorly, whether its inefficiency or processing problems. Further, the current industry standard – a nonlinear optical crystal called SBBO – contains a disordered oxygen atom structure that inhibits the crystal’s performance. To resolve this issue, Clemson University researchers have developed a new single crystal using hydrothermal growth. This approach creates single crystals that are different in structure and completely eliminate disordered oxygen atoms. The resulting crystals show excellent nonlinear properties for improved optical performance in UV solid state lasers.


Application                                                               Stage of Development

Advanced materials; UV solid state lasers                Proof-of-concept



• Utilizes hydrothermal growth the create crystals, resulting in ordered crystals with a new structure

• Eliminates disordered oxygen atoms, demonstrating better nonlinear optical performance with a

  higher conversion efficiency

• Creates harder crystals compared to existing materials, making it easier to process, cut and polish


Technical Summary

A new crystal, SBBO, was introduced some years ago that initially appeared to have improved properties. However the material did not receive much study because its structure contained badly disordered oxygen atoms. This not only prevented a complete understanding of the structure but greatly inhibited the overall performance. Clemson University researchers utilized hydrothermal growth to develop a new crystal with the same formula as SBBO, but the disordered oxygen atoms are completely removed. This results in a new structure and appears to perform much better than any previous material. Preliminary data shows very high conversion efficiency 3-4 times the industry standard. To date, researchers have demonstrated growth of single crystals 1-2mm.


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Inventors:                Joseph Kolis, Colin McMillen



Patent Type:            Utility



CURF Ref No:        2017-002

Patent Information:
Advanced Materials
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Andy Bluvas
Technology Commercialization Officer
Clemson University Research Foundation
Joseph Kolis
Colin Mcmillen
Optical Fibers/Materials/Other
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