Cost Saving Prediction Software for Dual Fuel Energy Conversion Systems (2014-096)

Market Overview:

This predictive software advises vehicle operators on how to maximize their savings by estimating the return on investment and overall cost savings for dual fuel energy conversion devices. According to Navigant Research, dual fuel engine revenue in the United States is expected to reach $58 million by 2024. Dual fuel energy conversion systems continue to rise in popularity as they can displace diesel at a rate of 40-60 percent depending on the load factor and terrain, lowering costs for vehicle operators. Embracing an opportunity for improvement in the field, Clemson researchers have developed a software that predicts the return of investment for dual-fuel system applications and advises vehicle operators of the most beneficial shift points to maximize their cost savings. The software can be used to examine route logistics and provide maximum utilization and savings for the dual-fuel system.


Application                                                                                                        Stage of Development

Combustion engines; commercial vehicle fleet operators; automotive              Validated prototype       



• Generates deep insights on how fuel is used, allowing operators to maximize cost savings

• Determines most beneficial shift points, providing maximum utilization from dual fuel system

• Packages all necessary tools to make predictions into one software, making the software user-friendly with a simple interface


Technical Summary

The software can account for different vehicles, transmissions, and engine types. The drive cycle or duty cycle can be user specified or selected from the standard regulatory drive cycles in order to predict the time-based or mileage-based savings/profitability of the bi-fuel system. It also allows for the prediction of fuel economy gains and fuel based savings conversion of specific applications to a bi-fuel system. The software can be used to advise the vehicle operator of the most beneficial shift points for maximum cost savings and to examine route logistics, providing maximum utilization and savings for the dual-fuel system.


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Inventors:                          Andrej Ivanco, Robert Prucka, Zoran Filipi, Mark Hoffman


Patent Type:                      NA


Serial Number:                 NA


CURF Ref:                        2014-096

Patent Information:
For Information, Contact:
Andy Bluvas
Technology Commercialization Officer
Clemson University Research Foundation
Zoran Filipi
Andrej Ivanco
Robert Prucka
Mark Hoffman
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