Sim[PLY]: Sustainable and Eco-friendly Construction Framing

Market Overview:

Sim[PLY] is a sustainable construction framing system that utilizes pre-manufactured, CNC-cut plywood components and specialized connection details to enable fast, easy, and safe on-site building construction. The market for green, sustainable building materials and construction is trending and on the rise: the global market is projected to reach $529 billion by 2020. Increased awareness about the benefits of green technologies and stricter government regulations are factors that have contributed to the growing market. However, green building practices are still expensive when compared to traditional construction, which is often a deterrent for builders. Clemson University researchers have developed an innovative structural system that allows individuals to construct a house using only hand powered tools. The Sim[PLY] framing system consists of pre-cut and individually numbered components, designed to be flat-packed and shipped directly to a building site. At the building site, the components can be easily and rapidly assembled using tab-and-slot connections secured by steel zip ties. Assembly is safe and quiet and requires no power equipment. The result is a durable, eco-friendly building with a strong and resilient structure, capable of high insulating values.


Application                                                                      Stage of Development

General Construction; Green building materials              Production Prototype



•  Building components are pre-numbered and lock together using a simple tab-and-slot connection, eliminating

    the need for on-site measuring and cutting as well as heavy machinery

•  Zip-tie joining method is simple and safe, making the construction process easier for non-skilled workers

•  Utilizes pre-manufactured, CNC plywood components instead of traditional lumber, eliminating on-site waste

    and creating an eco-friendly architecture 


Technical Summary

Sim[PLY] represents the future of sustainable light-frame construction. It is a kit-of-parts that consists of CNC-cut plywood components, which are premeasured and individually numbered. These components are designed to be flat-packed and delivered to any construction site for assembly. At the construction site, the components are easily assembled into a 3D structure using a tab-and-slot connection and steel zip ties. This innovative framing method has proven to be faster, safer, quieter, and more eco-friendly than traditional construction procedures. 


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Inventors:                          Dustin Albright, Ulrike Heine, Ufuk Ersoy, Vincent Blouin, Daniel Harding, David



Application Type:              Issued US Patent


Serial Number:                  10,156,067


CURF Reference:              2015-053

Patent Information:
Advanced Materials
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Andy Bluvas
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Ulrike Heine
Ufuk Ersoy
Vincent Blouin
Daniel Harding
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Jon Pennington
Tyler Silvers
Alison Martin
Ty Monks
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