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Molten Core Flux Formation Method and Fibers Formed Therefrom
Semiconductor optical fibers marry the enablement of modern electronic devices of semiconductors with the light-guiding capability of fiber optics. Combining these attributes allows for the desirable material properties of important semiconductor phases in the form of long lengths of fiber. Semiconductor optical fibers are made using one of two approaches:...
Published: 1/23/2023   |   Inventor(s): John Ballato, Thomasina Zaengle, Ursula Gibson, Baris Kokuoz
Category(s): Advanced Materials, Fiber & Films, Manufacturing
Computer-controlled embroidery design and stitching for Precision Control of Tensile Properties of woven textiles
Computer-controlled embroidery algorithms allow for custom design and control properties of fabrics and woven materials. Embroidery changes the mechanical properties of frabrics, depending on the strength, orientation, and distribution of stitches. The production of fabrics with multiple, distinct properties traditionally requires the assembly of layers...
Published: 1/11/2024   |   Inventor(s): Victor Zordan, Ella Moore, Michael Porter, Ioannis Karamouzas
Keywords(s): Automotive, Orthopaedics - Orthotics/Prosthetics/Hardware/Other, Textiles/Fibers - Non-Optical/Medical/Other
Category(s): Fiber & Films
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