Eastman Capillary Surface Fibers

Market Overview:

The capillary surface materials are a collection of intellectual property and over 100 patents donated to Clemson University by Eastman Corporation.  The unique forms of these polymers provide diverse opportunities in markets such as apparel and footwear, personal care products, water and air filtration, industrial applications and others. The novel cross-sections and high surface area of these materials allow for greatly improved insulation, fluid movement and filtration possibilities than with presently available round fibers.  Additional technologies are also available for licensing based on applications of these fibers. 


· Fluid movement and retention, such as diapers and personal care products

· High performance athletic and survival apparel and footwear

· Sound and thermal insulation

· Wound care products


· Higher capacity to distribute, store and trap substances

· Compression resistant

· Lightweight


Inventors:                      Charles Wilbur Chappell, et al

Protection Status:         Patent issued; # 1,993,001,779

Licensing Status:          Available for licensing

CURF Ref No:              00-024


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