Tumor and Mutation Suppressing Plant Extract

Market Overview:

Although the market for cancer treatment is mature, new treatments are constantly needed to treat or better-target various types of cancer.  Minimization or differentiation of side effects, and efficacy at treating early-stage cancers at low doses is also desirable.  An increasing segment of the population is also turning to naturally-derived drugs or therapies as preferred treatment strategies.

Two extracts of the Appalachian native plant Oconee Bell, Shortia galacifolia, have shown promise in trials designed to predict efficacy in animal systems.  These two extracts indicate multiple anti-tumor and anti-mutagen compounds are present within the plant. 

In addition to new cancer treatments, these extracts may also have commercial potential as herbal supplements, or cosmetic ingredients, for their cell-protective effects.

Shortia galacifolia (SG) extract performance versus positive inhibitory control: positive inhibitory control camptothectin was “completely effective” at 98.2% tumor inhibition. SG leaf = 69.9%, SG new rhizome = 70.0%, mature rhizome=81.1%.


· Source of new anti-tumor drugs (multiple)

· May be sold as herbal extract or supplement

· Adding to cosmetics may increase perceived value within the US (native plant) and elsewhere for its protective effects


· New drugs may produce fewer side-effects, or target particular cancers.

· Multiple drug targets in one plant enhance commercial value.

· Perceived value of natural treatments, including derived drugs, is currently high.


Inventors:                          Sandra L. Gray, Dwight Camper                            

Protection Status:             Patent issued; # 7,691,417

Licensing Status:              Available for licensing

CURF Ref No:                  04-001


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