A Process for a Mono-Domain Hexagonal Array of Standing Nanopillars with Large Diameter and Interpillar Distance

Market Overview:

The use of nanopillars for use in energy storage in applications such as solar panels and battery technologies is a current industry interest.  This technology features a process for fabricating arrays of standing metallic nanopillars on a glass or silicon substrate with a large pillar diameter (>250 nm) and a large interpillar distance (> 1micron).  The nanomaterial may include material such as aluminum, gold, silver, copper, titanium, or tantalum which can be deposited through a conventional electrodeposition process. 


· Supercapacitors and supercharge batteries for portable electronics and mobile devices

· Structured electrodes in sensors

· Biomedical, automotive, and everyday consumer battery and energy applications


· Pillars grown directly on substrate

· Large interpillar distance (>1um) achievable in simple electrochemical process

· Compatible with universal microfabrication processing techniques


Inventors:                        Guigen Zhang

Protection Status:           Patent application filed

Licensing Status:            Available for licensing

Additional Terms:          Fabrication, Process, Nanotechnology, Nano Pillars, Glass, Silicon, Portable Power

CURF Ref No:                09-019


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Patent Information:
Advanced Materials
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Chris Gesswein
Director of Licensing
Clemson University Research Foundation
Guigen Zhang
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