Capillary-channeled Polymer Fibers as Support Media for Various Spectroscopic Probes

Market Overview:

There is current need for low-cost diagnostic devices with high sensitivity which enable specific analysis of minimal volumes of fluid for the application of low-cost point-of-use diagnostics for clinical, laboratory, or at-home use. This technology features the application of channeled 4DG fibers for diagnostic and laboratory applications.  4DG fibers are part of a patent portfolio donated to Clemson University by Eastman Chemical which exhibit superior fluid-wicking properties.  These fiber probes can be functionalized and coated for high specificity and high sensitivity interactions for laboratory and clinical testing and can be analyzed directly using fluorescence or colorimetric indicators.   


· Capture and on-fiber mRNA quantification

· Immunoassays

· Protein-protein interactions


· Rapid response, on-probe diagnostics

· Minimal laboratory equipment and personnel required

· Low cost

· Routine assembly steam sterilization

· Minimal sample volume required

· Potential for point-of-care diagnostics

· Existing sources for fiber fabrication


Inventors:                          Phil Brown, Igor Luzinov, Ken Marcus

Protection Status:             Patents issued; # 7,261,813 and # 7,740,763

Licensing Status:              Available for licensing

CURF Ref No:                  05-025


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