Portable Device for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Rotator Cuff Disease (2012-106)

Market Overview:

This device utilizes ultrasound imaging to diagnose and monitor rotator cuff injuries. Each year there are over three million new cases of rotator cuff disease. Among those affected, more than half the population over 60 suffer from rotator cuff disease. Shoulder injuries, and particularly rotator cuff disease, can be difficult to diagnose. To give an accurate diagnosis, one must know the angular force and positional measurements of the shoulder. Current technologies generally give only one of these measurements, and while they can be used in concert with one another, it is difficult to accurately fit the pieces together. To solve this issue, Clemson University researchers have developed a portable device for diagnosing and monitoring rotator cuff disease which provides all the necessary measurements to make a diagnosis. The device integrates with ultrasound imaging and uses mechanical sensors to detect angle, inclination, and position, thus providing an accurate diagnosis for rotator cuff injuries.

Application                                                                             Stage of Development

Rotator cuff injury diagnostics; diagnostic medicine              Working prototype and clinical validation started


• Detects force, imaging and positional data, providing in-depth measurements that enhance diagnosis of rotator cuff injuries

• Retrofits to existing ultrasound systems, allowing for easy integration

• Provides real-time quantitative assessment of joint health, reducing time and cost of diagnosis

Technical Summary

Clemson University researchers have developed a device which can measure the biomechanics of soft-tissue and joint stiffness for the diagnosis of rotator cuff injuries. The device frame universally fits to existing ultrasound transducers and works by measuring the force that is applied by the ultrasound probe to the underlying tissue while simultaneously displaying ultrasound images of the tissue. By combining angular force, imaging, and positional data, the device can provide an accurate diagnosis in real-time, reducing time and cost for the patient.

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Inventors:                   Delphine Dean, David Kwartowitz, Fuad Mafleh, Erika Trent, Vipul Raiker

Patent Type:              Utility

Serial Number:         14/034,756

CURF Ref:                2012-106

Patent Information:
Biomedical Sciences
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Vincie Albritton
Deputy Director
Clemson University Research Foundation
David Kwartowitz
Erika Trent
Fuad Mefleh
Vipul Raikar
Delphine Dean
Medical Device
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